Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems are a component of a critical power system. UPS’s ensure that a clean power supply is maintained when Mains power is interrupted. UPS systems vary in size and design and are chosen based on the power needs of each specific site. UPS systems are also used in sites that do not have back up generators to ensure important data and services are maintained, saved and protected.

UPS systems are an important aspect of the critical power system as a sudden change in power can result in expensive damage, including damage to hardware such as computers, equipment, data centres, electrical componentry, telecommunications equipment.
Benefits of UPS systems include

  • To maintain business operations and to avoid downtime of Employees
  • To avoid data loss
  • To maintain power to critical equipment – Fire systems/Fire Alarms/Security Systems
  • To maintain power to critical equipment to preserve life (e.g., Hospital critical power)

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