Thermographic Imaging

What is Thermographic Imaging?
Thermographic imaging is the process of analysing the heat distribution from electrical components. Understanding heat distributions is an effective method of identifying aspects of electrical systems that are not functioning in the most effective way. In addition, Thermographic Imaging can identify aspects of electrical components or systems that are temperature hotspots and may be prone to breakdowns or fires.

  • Common causes of Temperature Hotspots

As in other sectors of industry, it is important to maintain electrical infrastructure to ensure cost effective and safe systems. Poorly designed or serviced electrical systems can lead to unbalanced electrical loads, overloaded systems, loose or corroded electrical connections, and component failure, all of which can lead to temperature deviations or hotspots in the system.

  • The role of Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging and interpretation is an efficient approach to the analysis, monitoring and maintenance of substations, transmission lines, power connections, and other electrical componentry and systems. Utilising thermographic imaging techniques allows for the identification of problematic system components, and allows for appropriate servicing and replacement of relevant aspects of the system before they escalate into larger scale damage, including preventing electrical fires and explosions.

  • Benefits of Thermographic Imaging

Using the Thermographic Imaging approach in your preventative maintenance procedure has significant benefits including the detection of potentially serious faults before they escalate into a costly and dangerous problem. Imaging analysis also provides the location of the problem saving time in labour and materials by removing the process of elimination commonly used in fault finding.

Thermographic Imaging will further reduce costs through decreased breakdowns as system and componentry issues will be identified through preventative maintenance.

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