Comprehensive support for your
Critical Environment needs

Critical Power | Precision Cooling | Fire Suppression |
Access Control | Safety & Surveillance

Critical Environments are made up of five pillars, all of which need to be efficiently designed, expertly implemented, proactively monitored, preventatively maintained, and continuously improved. Compromising the integrity of any of these systems can cause unrepairable damage to a business and can put lives in harm’s way.
Intelli-Systems delivers comprehensive support across all Critical Environment pillars:

Critical Power

How do I manage the availability and integrity of power?

• Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Generators
• Distribution

Precision Cooling

Am I paying too much for cooling due to a poor setup?

• Air-based cooling
• Liquid cooling


Can our
organisation detect and prevent an outbreak?

• Gas suppression
• Sprinklers

Access Control

How do we ensure safety and prevent unauthorised access?

• Proximity card readers
• Biometric sensors

Safety & Surveillance

How do we detect and
to hazards or
unauthorised access?

• Video surveillance
• Threat analysis

Your role is busy enough. Let Intelli-Systems can help you ensure that your business continuity isn’t compromised.
Critical Environment Support for Technology Managers

Would you like to increase the useful life of your Critical Environment assets while reducing your risk of downtime? Do you need help to modernise your assets to support business transformation or deploy a life-cycle management program?

Learn about how Intelli-Systems has helped Technology Managers like you improve visibility across their entire Critical Environment and deliver greater value for their business.

A failure in a Critical Environment can have a catastrophic impact on a business. That’s why it’s imperative to engage a specialist technology partner with the Critical Environment specific expertise that most contractors lack.

Ask us about a Critical Environment Audit and expert recommendations from our specialists.

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Environment Audit

    Critical Environment Support for Business Managers

    Do you find that your facility teams or technology teams are sometimes slow to respond to your product innovation or transformation initiatives? Would you like to find ways to reduce emissions, and save costs while maintaining control of your on-premises Critical Environment?

    Every business is different and has unique requirements for its Critical Environment. Only a Critical Environment specialist can help a business drill down on its specific needs, find efficiency in its design and then guarantee the execution.

    Learn about how Intelli-Systems has helped Business Managers like you optimise their Critical Environment to reduce their risk profile, save money and increase governance over their social and environmental objectives:

    • Reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 30%
    • Optimise your utilisation and save costs by up to 60%,
    • Accelerate new transformation programs

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    Environment Audit

      Why should Technology and Business Managers team up with Intelli-Systems?
      Client Centric@4x


      We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service that’s based on a real human connection, honesty integrity, collaboration and keeping it simple. 90% of our customers engage us on new projects each year.



      Our skills are in the design, build and operation of highly resilient and scalable critical environments that protect business assets, data, and human life. Downtime is not an option for us.


      Our single-minded focus is on Critical Environments, so our ability to identify risks and opportunities for efficiency gains is unmatched across the Australian market. We are outcome-oriented.

      Value Driven@4x


      We invest in our people, their skill, and our technology to deliver unrivalled value for our customers. We are proud to deliver superior outcomes with the highest quality and efficiency.

      Critical Environment Support for Business Partners

      Do you have the specialist in-house skills to support your customers’ Critical Environment? What if you could partner with a specialist to help you increase your value to your customers without taking on additional risk?

      Intelli-Systems believes in collaborating with like-minded businesses that prioritise their customers’ satisfaction above all else. If you are looking for a business partner who considers the integrity of its partnerships critical, will go above and beyond to deliver a quality outcome and understands the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship, then look no further.

      Partner with us for your next project, and we can help you reduce your risk of delivery while increasing your value with your customer. Our business partners have realised up to 20% improvement in profitability through our optimised design and standardised delivery and management systems. Contact our experts today to help you with your project.

      Help your customers find efficiency gains across their Critical Environment and book an audit today.

      Book a Critical Environment Audit for your customers

        Why should Business Partners team up with Intelli-Systems?


        We prioritise our partnerships and deliver on the promise every time.



        We specialise so we may simplify. Our work is transparent, and our reports are easy to understand so you can make good decisions with your customer.



        We always strive for a win-win and we believe in actively learning and sharing our knowledge to achieve the best outcome.

        Our Technology Partners
        We invest in building strong relationships with best-in-class OEMs across the entire Critical Environment portfolio so that you can focus on your core business. Our partnership with brands including Schneider Electric, Vertiv, Eaton and PowerShield ensures that our customers have the best access to market-leading technology paired with our expert support, at the most competitive price.