Site Acceptance Testing

Ensuring the integrity of your electrical systems is vital to the ongoing success of your business. At Intelli-Systems, we’re experts in electrical system installation, maintenance, repair and analysis services and understand exactly what is required to ensure optimal system performance all year round. With upwards of 30 years’ industry experience at Director level, we’re your one-stop service for site acceptance testing in Australia.

Combining our industry knowledge with our unrivalled expertise, Intelli-Systems will conduct a comprehensive power and electrical analysis to determine whether your current system performance aligns with your business requirements, long-term goals and expectations.

Our in-depth power analysis of all electrical components is completely non-biased and professional, to ensure you’re receiving a transparent, honest and credible examination. As part of our site acceptance testing offered Australia-wide, we cover the following:

Failure testing
Overload testing
Heat runs
Transfer testing
Power fail simulations

If you’re looking for an expert team to conduct an in-depth analysis to assist you in making informed decisions about your current systems, Intelli-Systems is the industry name you can count on.

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