Thermographic Imaging

With a wealth of industry expertise and the latest cutting-edge thermal imaging technology available on the market, Intelli-Systems provide specialist thermographic imaging services to businesses right across Australia. As one of the most accurate diagnostic tools available, thermographic imaging analysis can detect potential and emerging issues, before they develop into costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous electrical repairs.

At Intelli-Systems, our thermographic imaging service is designed to provide a comprehensive inspection of your electrical componentry, systems and switchboards. When it comes to electrical components, increased heat emission is a likely indicator of system stress and potential faults. Through taking thermographic imaging using a low-voltage transformer, we can measure the radiant heat pattern emitted from your electrical components to identify any abnormalities.

Boasting accuracy and transparency, Intelli-Systems’ thermographic imaging service in Australia gives a detailed report listing any irregularities, potential faults and recommendations for servicing and upgrades, in addition to a compilation of the thermographic images of the electrical components.

Intelli-Systems’ thermographic imaging service in Australia is an efficient and cost-effective diagnostic tool for preventing large-scale system failures. Thermographic imaging boasts a range of benefits, including:

Identify potential equipment failure/abnormalities early on
Can show you the direct location of any system faults
Among the fastest tools for revealing equipment problems
Prevents full system failure
Lowers the risk of fires and/or explosions
Assesses electrical component integrity
Determines loading condition of equipment

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