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Intelli-Systems is a national provider of critical power and UPS services in Australia. With over 30 years combined industry experience at Director level, we’re experts in installation, maintenance and repair services for critical power and UPS systems. Where industry knowledge meets elite services, we’ve got you covered.

Both critical power and its associated infrastructure are a necessity for any modern-day business. Where data and information is concerned, so is the integrity of your critical power and UPS systems. Maintaining power supply, data integrity and telecommunications functionality is essential for maintaining business operations and success. At Intelli-Systems, we’re committed to finding the right system solution for your business requirements and providing maintenance services to ensure optimal performance 24-7.

Critical Power Systems (UPS)

Boasting expertise in working with an extensive range of industry-leading critical power products, our experienced team are well-equipped to work with all types and brands of critical power systems to ensure efficient ongoing power supply to protect your business integrity and productivity.

We offer the following services for critical power systems:

Comprehensive preventative maintenance
Troubleshooting & repairs for all types and brands of critical power systems

Detailed analysis & recommendations regarding your current system

Implementation of new critical power system solutions


Ensuring optimal functionality of your cooling system is integral to the performance of your critical power system, and ultimately to your business operations.

At Intelli-Systems, ensure your cooling system is capable of maintaining your heat load at acceptable levels throughout all situations. With extensive partnerships and manufacturer support in this area, we offer the following services:

Cooling system advisory services

Service & maintenance for all critical infrastructure cooling systems

Analysis & recommendations regarding your current system

Repair services for all cooling systems

Installation of new and more efficient cooling systems

Don’t wait for a system malfunction before getting your systems checked. Whether it’s time to upgrade to a new system that better aligns with your business requirements and capacity, or you simply need a maintenance or repair service, Intelli-Systems is your number-one choice for critical power and associated infrastructure services in Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of the location or size of your company, no job is too big or too small for our dedicated team of industry experts.

Site Acceptance Testing

Ensuring the integrity of your electrical systems is vital to the ongoing success of your business. At Intelli-Systems, we’re experts in electrical system installation, maintenance, repair and analysis services and understand exactly what is required to ensure optimal system performance all year round. With upwards of 30 years’ industry experience at Director level, we’re your one-stop service for site acceptance testing in Australia.

Combining our industry knowledge with our unrivalled expertise, Intelli-Systems will conduct a comprehensive power and electrical analysis to determine whether your current system performance aligns with your business requirements, long-term goals and expectations.

Our in-depth power analysis of all electrical components is completely non-biased and professional, to ensure you’re receiving a transparent, honest and credible examination. As part of our site acceptance testing offered Australia-wide, we cover the following:

Transfer testing
Heat runs
Overload testing
Failure testing
Power fail simulations

If you’re looking for an expert team to conduct an in-depth analysis to assist you in making informed decisions about your current systems, Intelli-Systems is the industry name you can count on.

Power Quality Analysis

Are you concerned your power distribution system is no longer supporting proper operation of its loads? At Intelli-Systems, we’re your go-to industry experts with upwards of 30 years’ experience at Director level in providing paramount power and electrical system solutions. Where power distribution is concerned, we’re your number one choice for a power quality analysis in Australia.

From equipment damage to business downtime and financial loss, there’s no denying the impact that poor power quality can have on your day-to-day business operations. At Intelli-Systems, we’re firm believers that prevention is better than cure, which is why we offer a reliable and professional service to identify current and potential power quality issues and to ensure any problems are mitigated prior to becoming a costly and time-consuming repair.

Our power quality analysis is designed to offer a comprehensive examination of your power distribution system, to identify and diagnose any related issues. In addition to providing an in-depth overview of your electrical system, our analysis can identify issues with harmonics, loose connections, voltage drops and overloading.

Intelli-Systems power quality analysis in Australia can assist with the following:

Root cause analysis
Early detection of any power related issues
Continuous monitoring
Corrective measures implemented in time

Did you know that we offer our power quality analysis Australia-wide? While we may be in Melbourne, we are a leading electrical services provider right across the nation.

Thermographic Imaging

With a wealth of industry expertise and the latest cutting-edge thermal imaging technology available on the market, Intelli-Systems provide specialist thermographic imaging services to businesses right across Australia. As one of the most accurate diagnostic tools available, thermographic imaging analysis can detect potential and emerging issues, before they develop into costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous electrical repairs.

At Intelli-Systems, our thermographic imaging service is designed to provide a comprehensive inspection of your electrical componentry, systems and switchboards. When it comes to electrical components, increased heat emission is a likely indicator of system stress and potential faults. Through taking thermographic imaging using a low-voltage transformer, we can measure the radiant heat pattern emitted from your electrical components to identify any abnormalities.

Boasting accuracy and transparency, Intelli-Systems’ thermographic imaging service in Australia gives a detailed report listing any irregularities, potential faults and recommendations for servicing and upgrades, in addition to a compilation of the thermographic images of the electrical components.

Intelli-Systems’ thermographic imaging service in Australia is an efficient and cost-effective diagnostic tool for preventing large-scale system failures. Thermographic imaging boasts a range of benefits, including:

Among the fastest tools for revealing equipment problems
Identify potential equipment failure/abnormalities early on
Can show you the exact location of any system faults
Prevents full system failure
Lowers the risk of fires and/or explosions
Assesses electrical component integrity

Determines loading condition of equipment

Facilities Management

Intelli- Systems offers highly experienced Facilities management across various commercial developments. Other than maintaining critical infrastructures like UPS, Air conditioners, generators, fire systems and electronic security we look after the supply and installation of these devices. We specialise in offering our clients a full turnkey management solution. The product and services used will provide your business with a cost-effective, reliable and lost lasting solution that will make your stakeholder’s proud. Our industry experts will provide you with comprehensive service plans that will ensure regular maintenance and support to your equipment.


Generators serve as backup power so that if the power fails, a generator can serve as a substitute by providing its own power.

When generators are installed, they can be sized to run as long as required. Generators generally serve as a secondary source of power when required and work in conjunction with a downstream UPS to supply the critical load.

Our experienced team are well-equipped to work with all types and brands of Generator systems to ensure efficient alternate power supply to protect your business integrity and productivity.

We offer the following services for critical power systems:

Comprehensive preventative maintenance

Troubleshooting & repairs for all types and brands of generator systems

Detailed analysis & recommendations regarding your current system

Implementation of new Generator system solutions

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