Project Management

Critical infrastructure projects are nothing but complex. Ensure you get everything right from planning and designing through to installation, engineering, procurement, commissioning, deployment and testing with our project management team. At Intelli-Systems we believe that trust and reliability are non-negotiable aspects of any working relationship between the project manager and the client. You can trust that our experts will provide you with comprehensive project delivery services mitigating delays and re-work while maximizing your investment. These are the foundations on which we build every project, to allow our clients to focus on their core business with peace of mind that their objectives will be met.

The Benefits of Choosing Intelli-Systems

Credibility and value
We have successfully delivered multiple projects across different sectors for large and small clients. We have produced results that save our clients time and cost against their original budgets.

Reduced Costs
By increased efficiencies and adhering to the best industry practices you can be assured that you will maximize your investment with Intelli-Systems. You can rely on us to have your project completed within the set budget along with reduced operation costs.

Timely Completion of Projects
You can ensure that your project will be completed on time with minimal change orders. With our Industry and market knowledge, we hire the best team of individuals and specialist to ensure we successfully deliver our clients projects on time

Project Management Services

1) Project Planning

Our team assists with Data Centre infrastructure projects right from day one.
We work with Data Centre managers to fully understand every aspect of the project.
Our technicians then assess power and cooling requirements, and recommend best practice infrastructure solutions and equipment, along with proposed project costs and schedules
Our team’s expertise ensures we are always ready and able to achieve your vision, and meet a project’s commercial requirements.

2) Engineering and Design

After understanding the requirements for the project our design services identify the best-suited options for the project.
Engineering and design services give structure and context to the project planning team’s recommendations
Our engineering disciplines include electrical, mechanical, piping and structural engineering
Right from the early stages of project design, we involve the construction and commissioning teams to provide capital and schedule efficiencies.

3) Procurement and Assembly

You can rest assured that our team will procure all the equipment for your project.
We work with suppliers to ensure product delivery is in line with the project timelines and mitigate potential setbacks before they become a major issue.
To maximize project efficiencies, all the material is collected off-site and delivered to the client prior to installation.

4) Installation

These errors can affect the operation of your critical infrastructure equipment
Installation errors can impact Data Centre infrastructure projects by adding days, weeks or even months to schedule.
Our technicians have the expertise and follow proper safety procedures to ensure installation of all products and components with paramount reliability

5) Commissioning

They ensure that the equipment complies with specifications and design intent and all the components work well together.
Our team works with you from pre-design through construction and up to verify and document that systems are designed, constructed, and tested to function safely and meet operational needs.
This critical process promotes quality assurance and ensures project requirements are met

6) Site Acceptance Testing

This critical process promotes quality assurance and ensures peace of mind.
With your solution successfully installed and operational. The system still needs to be tested to its design limits to ensure all components of the design have been implemented to ensure seamless operation when you need it most.
Our technicians provide a dummy load to replicate a Critical infrastructure solution operating at its design limit. This proves the capability of the power and cooling as well as confirming the emergency systems will operate if ever required.

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